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File Encryption XP - Easy to use password protection software for your personal computer!

Version 1.7 (current release)

new: Improved support for Windows 8.1;

updated: Use themes for Explorer shell menu items on Windows Vista and later;

fixed: Removed incorrectly created registry keys "SettingsBCGP*" from the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER".

Version 1.6

new: Windows Explorer popup menu integration on 64-bit versions of Windows;

new: Support for Windows 8;

fixed: Desktop icon on Windows 8.

Version 1.5

new: Encryption of multiple files and folders;

new: Compression of encrypted files;

new: Wiping of multiple files and folders;

new: Wipe command in Windows Explorer popup menu;

new: Icons and help text for File Encryption XP items in Windows Explorer popup menu;

new: Active accessibility support;

improved: User interface;

fixed: Tab key did not work for navigation in main window.

Version 1.4

on April 19, 2005 this product was acquired by CP Lab from Animabilis Software (www.animabilis.com);

new: new installer;

new: Windows Explorer popup menu integration;

improved: SFX module interface;

improved: SFX module size was reduced;

fixed: several small bugs.

Version 1.3

new: search and grouping of encrypted files;

new: Install to removable device Wizard;

improved: new toolbar icons;

improved: ability to configure Wipe parameters;

fixed: several bugs.

Version 1.2

new: encryption/decryption of files at any drive;

new: Folders panel;

new: Wipe function;

improved: startup speed was improved;

fixed: small bugs.

Version 1.1

new: log file for user actions;

new: Microsoft Office 2003 interface;

improved: hotkeys for main operations;

fixed: small bugs.

Version 1.0

initial release.

File Encryption XP is your file encryption software for Windows.