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CP-Lab.com proudly presents File Encryption eXtra Protection - a program designed for protecting confidential information stored on your computer (Windows 10 compatible).

CP-Lab.com - Encryption Software for WindowsWith File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP), you can encrypt files of any type, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It protects information against being viewed or modified without your authorization. The reliable and ultra-secure Blowfish algorithm is used for data encryption and no encryption passwords are saved within the encrypted files. This makes the encryption very secure. The program has a convenient and intuitive interface and so even the most inexperienced users in the sphere of information protection can protect their data quite easily. A feature that creates self-extracting encrypted files is built into the program. These files are completely self-contained which means that, if you have the correct password, you can view your encrypted files on any Windows PC and you do not need to install any other encryption software. File Encryption eXtra Protection (XP) can be used as secure file eraser to wipe files completely and permanently. The program adds items into Windows Explorer popup menu to simplify encryption, decryption and wiping tasks.

File Encryption XP encrypts files and folders using a strong Blowfish algorithm with 384-bit key. Protected files that can be decrypted without File Encryption XP is a built in program feature. You can create a self-extracting encrypted file and simply send it by mail or give it to someone on a floppy disk. If the recipient knows the password, he or she can execute this file to get the original document.

In many cases we would like to delete the original insecure file or folder after it has been encrypted. The standard Windows deletion method is not secure because you can restore such a file in almost 100% of cases. File Encryption XP has a reliable deletion method that will completely remove files. This is especially useful for deleting the source file or folder after encryption so that the only remaining file is the encrypted version.

USB Flash Drive - Encryption Software for WindowsFile Encryption XP is especially useful for working on a variety of storage devices. You could install the program on a floppy disk or a flash drive and use it on any Windows PC to which the drive is connected. File Encryption XP is optimized for working on removable media.

File Encryption XP has a built-in strong password generator allowing you to generate new passwords according to the criteria you specify. Strong passwords are ones containing upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and so they are almost impossible to guess.

File Encryption XP automatically logs all program operations. You can always recall what you were doing and when by looking through the log file. You can disable this option if you prefer additional security and do not wish to keep a record of your activities. When the program starts, it looks for all encrypted data on the current medium and displays the list in the "Search" panel. The "Search" panel groups the encrypted files in one place so it is easier to access them. You can use this panel to decrypt or delete the encrypted files found by the program. The program interface is based on the interface of Windows Explorer. You can perform all program operations on files and folders just as you would in Windows Explorer. You can modify any menu or toolbar, create new ones or change the program skin.

File Encryption XP is your File Encryption Software for Windows!

Features of File Encryption XP:

Main features

encrypting files and folders using the Blowfish algorithm;

decrypting files and folders;

files and folders compression before encryption;

creating self-extracting encrypted files;

removing files and folders completely and permanently, this is called "wiping";

support for large files (4Gb and more);

Windows Explorer popup menu integration;

install the program to Removable Device such as a USB memory stick;

File Encryption XP has a built-in customizable password generator;

works on any removable media (under any Windows operating system);

logs all operations to a file;

automatically finds and groups encrypted files;

no software backdoors into the program or files;

no unencrypted temporary files ever created;

memory blocks are cleared when no longer needed.

Additional features

all user settings are automatically saved;

a choice of skins (Office XP, Office 2003 and Windows XP themes);

context-sensitive help;

the entire interface can be customized to your own requirements;

active accessibility support.

Attention! Store passwords to encrypted files in a safe place. Do not lose it! Our encryption software has no backdoors or masterkeys. Should you lose or forget your password, there is nothing we can do to help you gain access to your data, since the program employs strong encryption algorithm that make hacking or password picking impossible.