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Password Manager XP is your personal Password Organizer!

Version 4.0 (current release)

new: Synchronization with cloud storages - Google Drive and Dropbox;

new: Password Manager XP for Android;

new: Search option in the Form filling window;

new: PNG images can be set as custom icons for records/folders;

new: New records and folders inherit icon from the parent folder;

improved: Windows 10 support;

improved: Password generator;

updated: UI and icons.

Version 3.3

new: Integration with Chrome 64-bit;

new: Integration with Firefox 64-bit version 50 and later;

new: Integration with Firefox version 52 and later;

new: Form filling in IFRAME content of web pages;

new: Ask for administrator privileges when configuring browser integration if needed;

new: Support for database format of the upcoming Password Manager XP 4;

fixed: Slow search for non-administrator users in case of large database;

updated: Speed up database loading and saving;

updated: Use more distinct color for selected folder.

Version 3.2

new: Support for Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1;

new: Support for Internet Explorer 64-bit;

new: Support for NT authentication on the latest versions of Windows Server;

fixed: Tray icon menu on Windows 8.1.

Version 3.1

new: Firefox 10+ support;

new: Opera 11.60+ support;

fixed: File attachments corruption in some case;

fixed: Error when saving a database after removing an attachment in some cases;

fixed: Unable to activate other applications after restoring Password Manager XP from the tray icon in some cases.

Version 3.0

new: Integration with Firefox 4;

new: Integration with Google Chrome;

new: Integration with Opera;

new: The form filling function works for authentication dialogs in Firefox;

new: The form filling function works for 64-bit applications;

new: "Launch the application on Windows start" option;

updated: The form filling function works for more applications;

updated: Hotkeys work on 64-bit Windows;

updated: Better support for Windows Vista and Windows 7;

fixed: Stability issues of Internet Explorer integration.

Version 2.3

new: Database format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

new: ActiveSync synchronization with Password Manager XP Mobile;

new: Database synchronization can be performed using command line parameters;

new: Windows Vista support;

new: Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta support;

new: Group Policy setting "Database file name template";

new: Group Policy options: "Disable database properties for non administrator users" and "Hide 'Tools > Go to databases folder' menu item";

new: Setup command line parameters: /NoSampleDB, /NoMultiLang, /NoDocs;

new: "Database>Repair" command. It checks a database and removes corrupted file attachments.

Version 2.2

new: Database format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

new: Professional edition of our password manager;

new: Files can be stored inside a database;

new: Fully automatic form filling and data saving in supported browsers;

new: Support for combobox and listbox controls in form filling;

new: Custom images can be used as icons for records and folders;

new: Synchronization of databases;

new: User rights: View passwords in lists, Modify files, Extract files, Form filling;

new: Users can be disabled;

new: Cut, Copy, Paste operations for folders and records;

new: Database option 'Remember sort order';

new: Auto backup options can be specified per database;

new: Inactivity timeout can be specified per database;

new: Field type "Checkbox" and option "Predefined values" for "String" field;

new: For each field a default value can be specified;

new: Support for multi-monitor configurations;

new: Support for Netscape 8.1 and experimental support for Internet Explorer 7 beta2;

new: Option to set action for double click (Edit record or Copy password to clipboard);

new: Program's options can be configured using AD Group Policy administrative template;

new: Pro only: User actions logging: Open DB, Logon, View password, Print, Export, Fill form;

new: Pro only: Built-in user groups;

improved: User computer name and IP address are recorded in action log;

improved: mailto:my@email.com can be used as URL to launch mail client for specified e-mail;

improved: If NT user is member of several NT groups, all groups are processed when permissions are calculated;

improved: Folders tree is scrolled during drag'n'drop operations;

improved: Records can be sorted in descending order. Current sort order is displayed in column header;

improved: Inactivity timeout can be up to 9999 seconds;

improved: Double confirmation when deleting a database;

improved: Single functional key (F2-F24) can be set as hotkey;

improved: Size of fill/save form wizard is saved;

improved: Folders tree is not fully expanded while searching;

improved: New registration data can be entered using 'About\Register...' menu item;

improved: Help file;

fix: Multiline text edited in separate window is saved if database was closed due inactivity timeout;

fix: internal enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 2.1

new: Form filling support for Mozilla Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.7+, Netscape Navigator 7.2+;

new: Name if current database user is shown in the program's titlebar;

new: Option "Enable drag'n'drop for objects moving and copying";

new: Option "Close databases when application is minimized";

new: Option "Alternate colors of rows";

new: Print template option "Alternate colors of rows";

new: Quick install to removable device command;

new: Non-admin users can view objects permissions;

new: Farsi, Slovenian and Hungarian translation were added;

improved: Install to removable device Wizard options are saved;

improved: Options window;

improved: Database files are renamed when database file name template is changed;

improved: Characters are wrapped if text does not fit column width while printing;

improved: Multiline text is printed if report type is card;

improved: Folders are printed in alphabetical order;

fix: Database is not restored from backup if path of first location is invalid;

fix: Incorrect printing font kerning;

fix: User with only "Insert data" privilege can not add new records;

fix: The program is launched at Windows startup for no reason in some cases;

fix: Incorrect data in records list in some cases;

fix: Incorrect tab order when changing database password;

fix: Form filling at some sites.

Version 2.0

database and folder fields can be fully customized. It is possible to add/modify/remove fields for individual folder or entire database;

autofill function has been added. Currently it works in Internet Explorer and most of ordinary Windows applications. Support for Mozilla/Firefox will be added soon;

support of system wide hotkeys were added;

Turkish and Romanian translations were added;

the following items were added to tray icon menu: Save form, Fill form, Generate password;

an option "Tray icon always visible" was added;

modern style Active Directory user browser dialog;

tab pages can be switched using Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab keys;

record's icon is cloned too on clone operation;

many internal enhancements and bug fixes.

Version 1.99

passwords databases format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

German, Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Greek, Czech, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew and Chinese translations were added;

added concurrent write access to a database for multiple users;

added per folder/record permissions;

added non-admin users can view other users permissions;

added non-admin users can change their passwords;

added undo support;

added clipboard monitor applications detection;

user interface font can be changed and scaled;

ClearType technology is supported now;

password can be pasted from clipboard after username or account was pasted;

if Windows user belongs to several groups, the most privileged group is used on user logon;

large toolbar buttons option is saved;

quick search when inserting password into IE was fixed;

bug in print preview was fixed;

bug with Description field while cloning record was fixed;

columns setup bug fixed;

filter by action in changes log was fixed;

some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.96

added support for NT authentication of database users;

added category images for password records and folders;

improved password generator. Added character exclusion and password template;

now it is possible to update expired passwords in database using Internet Explorer popup menu ("Save password to Password Manager XP" item);

Italian translation added;

rare error when inserting password into Internet Explorer was fixed;

crash on exit at Windows 9x/Me was fixed;

some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.95

passwords databases format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

passwords database file singnature was changed. The database files are non-descriptive now;

now it is possible to copy records/folders using drag'n'drop while holding Ctrl key;

'Clone record' command was added;

new user privilege 'View passwords' was added. If user is not granted such privilege, he is unable to view passwords stored in the database. He is allowed to insert passwords into web pages only;

an option to print each record on a new page was added to the print window;

an option to specify the database file name template was added;

a text description for databases was added;

an option to set a read only attribute for databases in Install to removable device Wizard was added;

now it is possible to open passwords databases in a read only mode when the trial period was expired;

now it is possible to edit predefined print templates;

some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.9

now it is possible to add new records using command line. See help for details;

the Restrictions page was added to a program's options. Restrictions is useful in multi-user environment. The following restrictions can be specified:

- disable all options pages except 'General' and 'Integration';

- disable restoring of passwords databases from backup;

- disable Install to removable device wizard.

added 'Close application to the system tray', 'Start application minimized', 'Expand folders tree when database was opened' options;

now an encryption algorithm key length is displayed in database properties window;

locate command added for items in 'Expired passwords' virtual folder. This command locates selected item in its original folder;

Internet Explorer integration now works when running Password Manager XP from network share or removable device;

edit description window now accepts tabs;

fixed a shortcut Ctrl+1;

fixed bug when creating several new databases without saving each one first;

quick search in passwords list fixed.

Version 1.8

passwords databases format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

added data import from CSV and TXT files;

columns layout is saved for each database separately now;

added an option to install print templates in the 'Install to removable device Wizard';

added 'View\Description preview' menu item which allow to view selected item's description at the bottom of the screen;

added an ability to edit item's description in a separate window;

some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.7

passwords databases format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

added controls to copy 'User name' and 'Account' fields to clipboard;

added separate user permissions for insert, modify, delete data;

added an option to enable/disable logging of data changes inside a database;

added button to delete currently selected data changes in Changes log window;

now it is possible to set password's expiry time in days;

some bugs were fixed.

Version 1.6

passwords databases format was changed. Old versions of Password Manager XP will not be able to open new databases;

added printing with ability to create custom print templates;

now it is possible to define users in each passwords database. Each user has own password and user rights;

all data changes are logged now. To view or print changes log choose 'View/Changes log...' or 'View/Full changes log...' menu item;

added a 'Modified by' column which displays a user who made last changes to a record;

added 'Expired passwords' virtual folder that contains all expired passwords in the database;

added 'Clear clipboard' command;

now it is possible to show all available devices in the 'Install to removable device Wizard';

export options now saved;

added 'Tools/Password generator...' menu item;

added large/small toolbar icons selection.

Version 1.5

added export to CSV and TXT files;

now it is possible to show Password column in the list of password records.

Version 1.4

added wizard that installs the Password Manager XP to the removable devices such a USB flash drives. You can run Password Manager XP and work with passwords databases directly on removable device. This wizard can be launched using 'Tools/Install to removable device Wizard' menu item;

added command to refresh passwords databases list - 'Database/Refresh list' menu item or F5 key;

added search feature.

Version 1.3

added an option to specify several folders to search for passwords databases;

now it is possible to access the same password databases from multiple computers across the network;

now it is possible to specify location where passwords database will be stored;

added option to specify default state of the 'Show password' checkbox in the password edit dialog;

some bugs were fixed;

improved installer.

Version 1.2

backup and restore of the password databases;

option to make backup copies of databases before saving;

password that was copied into clipboard can be pasted within 1 minute only;

after copying password into clipboard you may paste password and then user name of the same record;

number of opened bases is displayed in the tray icon tooltip;

positioning on the appropriate record is optimized when inserting password into Internet Explorer;

while inserting password into Internet Explorer you may set the option to copy contents of the user name field into clipboard;

when only one passwords database is present the open dialog is appearing while inserting or saving passwords in the Internet Explorer;

new option: Minimal length of the database password;

menu item (Tools/Go to passwords databases folder) to open folder where passwords databases files are located.

Version 1.1

integration into Microsoft Internet Explorer;

program can be minimized to system tray;

ability to check for expired passwords on Windows start.

Version 1.0

initial release.