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What users say about Password Manager XP:

"Password Manager XP (PMXP) is straightforward password manager software, which works off databases of passwords. Although it has advanced features such as autofill for websites, for me it is its simplicity which is a definite plus, and it is easy to turn off any of the advanced features you may not need. Another huge advantage to my mind is the ability to customise the fields in each category of passwords - so that (for example) you could have a different standard form for credit cards and a different one for subscription such as Netflix. Different fields for categories of employees, mobile phones, password protected files and so on.

The fields are further customisable because there is an advanced tab in which you can enter notes and a files tab where you can link files. So you can add dates to your passwords, if you are inclined to keep a record of old ones.

It is easy to share databases between users or devices and you can install the program and the password databases to a USB stick.

It all operates superbly simply and you can see exactly what is going on, unlike some other password managers which are so automated you feel you lose control. I have been using it for some 12 years as both a work and personal password storage facility and can recommend it thoroughly.

It supports multilingual interfaces and is a Windows and Android program. On Android you can synchronise with the Desktop version.

Unlocking the database is through a master password which (if lost) cannot be recovered. Personally I find this reassuring as it means that even the developers cannot provide access to my password database.

I have always found support to be quick, willing and competent and the licencing regime is generous: for example if you are the only user, you only need one licence for use on your office PC, your home PC and your laptop."

George Arghyrakis, United Kingdom, London

"Very nice. I've worked with a few of these programs, and I feel so far that yours has the most features, versatility and is very safe. Also, I can add all the comments I want, auto generate complex passwords, and encrypt with multiple encryption standards. I just don't feel safe with 128-bit encryption or with just one standard. I know that if someone get's ahold of my password file, the clock is ticking before its game over for me and the more difficult or impossible I make it, obviously the better. So thanks for making it easy!"

Ryan Schatz, Canada, Coquitlam

"...One of the best features, and the only password program I am aware of that does this, is the flash drive support. The problem with most password manager programs is that they are tied to the windows directory, or registry, in some manner. Put them on another computer's drive and they don't work, or they don't work correctly, or your registration doesn't work. But this is not the case with Password Manager XP. I carry a USB Flash drive with me everywhere and now I can safely bring all my important user name, passwords, credit card, medical, whatever information I need, with me, and know with absolute certainty that the data is safe.

There is a feature that will install the program on to a flash drive. However, all it is really doing, is copying the folder over to the flash drive, which works just as well. Password Manager XP is complete in it's own directory. I have always been of the strong opinion, that all windows programs should work like this. Why should you have to reinstall every application when you change operating systems. When using a flash drive you don't have to worry about temp files, as there are none. And there is a function to clear the clipboard, so you don't leave anything behind. Nobody breaks into Password Manager XP without the key..."

Mark Rode, from review at Free PC Tech (read full review)

"First I have to say that Password Manager XP is the best program I have tested in the last few years. I also cannot leave out the great program File Encryption XP which I also tested. I use these programs all of the time and I believe in these days when thousands of criminals are out to get your information you have to have programs like this!

I say these programs are the best in their field because I was the inventor of the first talking computer in 1980 and work with governments by contract to test their encryption files and other safety systems. I will only use these programs for my own security. The other reason I love this company is I asked if they would add a option that would be good for just a small amount of users and in 1 week it was done!"

John P. Hlivjak, Electronic Specialties & EverythingDistinctive.com, USA, Minnesota, Anoka

"The software is extremely flexible and you can store a large amount of information even in the trial version.

The fields and sections can be customized by the predefined model available in the software. The explorer-like interface is easy to manage and the Help menu will answer all your questions.

The Search tool will gain your respect for the software and will prove itself very useful when you reach a gigantic database.


The software rose to my expectations. It is easy to use and it offers great protection for your data. The password generator is a tool to be used when your imagination decides it's time for a break.

The only thing you should remember when using this software is the sign in password."

Ionut Ilascu, from review at Softpedia (read full review)

"Score: 9/10. As a general rule I recommend people never store password information on their computers. This general rule however is broken when a program comes along and offers encryption 8 times over. What is this magical program? Password Manager XP..."

Andreas Kambanis, from review at Computer Logic (read full review)

"This powerful password keeper is handy when you're filling in password forms in Internet Explorer. You can insert, generate, and save passwords using the right-click context menu. Password Manager XP's built-in password generator helps you create combinations resistant to dictionary and brute-force attacks. You can install it on a diskette or on a flash card to run on any PC. You can easily control the location of your password database as well as make any changes. The program can store passwords for several people and hold permissions information for multiple users. The passwords can be organized in a tree of folders, but you can't change the folders' appearances. You can set expiration dates for the passwords, and the program will remind you when to generate new ones..."

Download.com review of Password Manager XP

"Password Manager XP englobes in a single software the whole a user can ask to a password management tool. Password Manager XP is further more than just this, it is easy to use, its interface is clear and privileges administration, with its full integration in the ACL windows users accounts management, is absolutely great. Some of the features I mostly appreciated in this software are the useful integration in user's browser, the possibility to copy&paste the main informations, the full control user has over every minimal aspect of the utility, the powerful encryption algorithms used, and, in general, its data-safety-and-mantaining orientation. Password Manager XP takes good care of sensible users informations, also logging any kind of activity taken by any user within the tool and implementing passwords databases network share, backups, safe passwords generator, removable devices installation wizard help, clipboard monitoring and much more."

Claudio Venti, Italy, Terni

"I had been searching for about a year for a viable solution for maintaining multiple passwords and quick access to important personal information for home and work. After wasting time and some money on other password manager software, I came across Password Manager XP about 1,5 years ago. After reviewing the trial for only 10 minutes, I purchased the professional version and have never looked back. The entry form is flexible enough for any type of data, from serial numbers to bank account information. The security is top-notch and I never worry about my information being compromised from hacking. The ability to carry it on a flash drive is the best on the market. Password Manager XP is the absolute solution to your secure information needs, without all the extras that you dont. This is the best on the market. Kudos to CP-Labs!!"

Douglas Bricker, Germany, Ramstein

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much for the high quality software (Password Manager XP). It's absolutely fantastic and does exactly what I hoped it would do!

I've been using an open-source password manager for a number of years and whilst it's perfectly OK, I now want to use software that a) looks better (what can I say?I'm female!), b) has more advanced features and c) excellent template customising capabilities. Your software is exactly what I wanted to find and I've recently worked my way through trial versions of 9 other password managers (I'm serious!) and none of them match up to Password Manager XP.

Keep up the great work!"

Linda, United Kingdom, Surrey

"The swift response to the bug is amazing. I am in awe of the teams attention to detail. Congratulations on a superb effort to maintain a quality product."

C Dean DeLarbre, USA, Minnesota, Hastings

"I have been very satisfied with Password Manager XP since I first saw it, on the free 30 day trial, you are only allowed 2 databases, but after the subscription is paid, there is no real limit, I like it mainly for the encryption systems after all the best is the American NSA, which is only supposed to be 1000 bit, this is 8 of differing bits, and gives about 2,500 bit encryption!"

Ian Gregory, United Kingdom, Glossop, Derbyshire

"Password encryption and automation have become essential. I spent a few hours reading and running free trials. This password manager uses Blowfish, 3DES, Rijndael, Tea, Cast128, RC4, Serpent, Twofish at the same time and can generate passwords of 999 characters. The mundane security chores are thorough and easy and the interface was easy to pickup. When I exported the entire program and files to one floppy disk, I was sold."

Stephen H. Roberts, USA, Tennessee, Nashville

"You have the best product out there; the ability to edit fields to become a "Registration Key" database instead of a "Password" database is the kind of flexibility that made me register the product after only trying it for a few minutes."

Keith Cleversley, USA, Illinois, Chicago

"Supports multiple databases and users; excellent for IT environment where employees must share access to certain critical passwords. Multiple encryption mechanisms. Database backup and restore that really works! Have seen none of the stability problems reported by other users (running here on Windows XP)."

Carl Harris, USA, Virginia, Blacksburg

"I began using Password Manager XP in 2006. This is a very easy program to understand and use. My computer crashed last week and re-downloading the program then restoring my password backup was a breeze. Thanks for simplifying my life!"

Lucinda Lucas, USA, Charlotte

"Excellent piece of software by the way. It does exactly what we need and is sufficiently customizable to meet our unique requirements. Also the flexible user-level permissions are essential to what we do. I looked at about a half dozen other vendors but they each lacked something important."

Steve Rothsching, USA, Arizona, Phoenix

Password Manager XP is your personal Password Keeper!