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Help Contents:

Working with databases

Working with records

Form fill-out and form data saving (autofill, form filler)

Printing database data

Configuration of Password Manager XP

Install to removable device Wizard

Configuring for network use

Password generator

Database users

Records and folders permissions

Customizing the fields' structure

Command line parameters

Configuration of Password Manager XP

To access Password Manager XP options select Tools -> Options... from the main menu. Password Manager XP options include:


Notify about expired records on Windows start - when this option is selected user will be notified about all expired records on Windows start;

Start application minimized - when this option is selected, the application will be started in minimized state;

Expand folders tree when database was opened - when this option is selected all folders will be expanded after database was opened;

Enable drag'n'drop for objects moving and copying - when this option is selected a records and folders can be moved and copied using drag'n'drop;

Interface language - language of Password Manager XP user interface;

Interface font - font of Password Manager XP user interface;

Interface scaling - scaling factor of Password Manager XP user interface (100-800%);


Tray icon always visible - if selected, Password Manager XP icon will be shown in system tray always;

Minimize application to the system tray - this option allows to minimize application to System Tray;

Close application to the system tray - when this option is selected, the application will be minimized to System Tray when you press a close button. To quit application you need to choose 'Database->Exit' menu item;

Startup screen graphics - when this option is not selected a simple startup screen. It is useful to simplify startup screen when working in terminal session;

Alternate colors of rows - when this option is selected, even and odd rows in records list will be drawn using slightly different background colors


Warn if clipboard monitor was detected - if some appliction is monitoring clipboard contents, Password Manager XP will warn you;

Password is visible by default in the edit window - when this option is selected the password will be visible when you open edit record dialog;

Close databases when application is minimized - when this option is selected all databases will be closed when Password Manager XP will be minimized;

Close database when inactive - this option forces automatic database closing on expiry of the given time interval. When the database stays inactive for this period of time it will be closed;

Default expiration time for new records - specifies default expiration time for new records;

Minimal length of the database password - specifies minimal allowed length of the database password.

WARNING: Do not use passwords less then 8 characters in length!;

Integration :: Hot keys

This page lists currently assigned hot keys. To modify hot key double click on its entry;

Enable hot keys when Password Manager XP is not running - if enabled, hotkeys will be available even if Password Manager XP is not running.

Integration :: Browsers:

This page lists all internet browsers that was found in your system. Password Manager XP can add menu items to browser's popup menu to easily use form data filling and saving.
Please note that popup menu integration is not needed to use form data filling and saving in a browser. You can use hot keys or Password Manager XP tray icon menu to do these tasks.


Folders to be searched for databases - List of folders that will be searched for databases. UNC paths (\\Server\Share) are supported here.

To add folder to list press Add... button. To edit selected folder press Edit... button. To remove selected folder from list press Remove button.
To access the same database(s) from computers across the network follow this steps:
1. Create the network share on some computer.
2. Add path to this shared resource to the list of folders in the Password Manager XP.
3. Now you can use existing or create new database(s) at this shared resource


Make backup copies of databases before saving - when this option is selected the backup copies of the databases will be created each time before saving changes;

Number of backup copies - specifies number of backup copies per each database to maintain;

Auto backup folder - specifies folder where backup copies will be stored;


You can restrict some user interface elements of our password manager. Restrictions will be applied to all computers except some administrator's computers, which are specified. If no administrator's computers specified, the restrictions are not used.

The following restrictions can be set:

Disable 'Locations' and 'Backup' options pages;

Disable restoring of databases from backup;

Disable Install to removable device wizard.