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Help Contents:

Working with databases

Working with records

Form fill-out and form data saving (autofill, form filler)

Printing database data

Configuration of Password Manager XP

Install to removable device Wizard

Configuring for network use

Password generator

Database users

Records and folders permissions

Customizing the fields' structure

Command line parameters

Customizing the fields' structure

Starting with the 2.0 version, you can customize the data fields' structure in the database for each folder or a group of folders, at your own discretion. Which means that you can create the folders for storing various data types, such as: credit cards, notes, passwords, contacts, software support e t.c. The fields' list is unlimited. The fields may be of various types and may be arranged in the editing window in the required way and on the specified tabs. At any time, you can modify the fields' naming and the arrangement order with no data loss.

To adjust the fields' structure, highlight the required folder and select the Edit -> Customize fields... menu item. If the folder inherits its structure from a parent folder, a confirmation window appears. Press Yes to create an independent fields' structure for this folder and all of its subfolders; press No to edit the structure of the parent folder.

When you're done, a fields' structure editing window appears. This window has two tabs: Fields and Sections.

The Sections tab is designed for setting a list of sections, which are intended for fields grouping. Each section constitutes a tab in the records editing and creating window. The tabs are arranged in the same order, as the sections in the list.

At the Fields tab, you can set a full list of the data fields. Each field is assigned a section, determining the tab, which the field will be located at in the records editing and creating window.

If there is only one section or no sections, the records editing window will contain no tabs.

There also are a few mandatory fields, which cannot be removed, such as: Created, Modified, Modified by and Expires.

The following fields' structure editing actions are available:

  • Add... - add a field;
  • Edit... - edit the field's properties;
  • Delete - delete a field;
  • Move Up - move a field one position up;
  • Move Down - move a field one position down.

Each field has the following parameters:

  • Field name - the field's title, which is going to be displayed in the records editing window and in the table's title;
  • Field type - the field's type: String, Date, Integer or Float;
  • Field option - an option for the String-type field: Regular string, Password field, Multiline text or Clickable URL;
  • Section - the section, which this field is going to be located at;
  • Description - the description of this field, if required.