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Help Contents:

Working with databases

Working with records

Form fill-out and form data saving (autofill, form filler)

Printing database data

Configuration of Password Manager XP

Install to removable device Wizard

Configuring for network use

Password generator

Database users

Records and folders permissions

Customizing the fields' structure

Command line parameters

Configuring for network use

Password Manager XP can be used to access the same databases from multiple computers across the network.

Follow this steps to configure application for network use:

1. Create the network share on some computer. This shared resource will be used to store databases.
2. Install the Password Manager XP to the needed computer.
3. Run it and go to application options (Tools -> Options... menu item).
4. Open Locations tab.
5. Press Add... button and type shared resource path (e. g. \\Server\Share). Press OK to save settings.

Now Password Manager XP will display all databases located at shared resource in the list of databases. Also you can create new databases at shared resource (when creating new database you can choose needed location from combobox).
To configure other computers repeat steps 2-5 for every computer.

Network use without need of installation

Password Manager XP can be run directly from network share without need of installation. You need to copy all installed files from application folder to network share. Now you can run Password Manager XP executable directly from network share at any computer in the network. Before using Password Manager XP at a computer you need to perform steps 3-4 in above table to configure locations of databases.