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Help Contents:

Working with databases

Working with records

Form fill-out and form data saving (autofill, form filler)

Printing database data

Configuration of Password Manager XP

Install to removable device Wizard

Configuring for network use

Password generator

Database users

Records and folders permissions

Customizing the fields' structure

Command line parameters

Database users

You can create users for each database. Each user has its own name, password and rights. There is a predefined user Default in each database. When you open a database using master password you are logged on as user Default. The rights of this user are granted to you. To logon as a different user choose Database -> Logon as user... menu item or press F8.

The following user rights are available:

Right Description
Administrator User has unrestricted rights.
Print and export User can print and export data.
Insert data User can create new records and folders.
Modify data User can edit records and folders.
Delete data User can delete records and folders.
View passwords User can view passwords stored in the database. If user is not granted such privilege, he is unable to view passwords stored in the database. He is allowed to fill passwords into forms only.

To manage database users go to database properties using Database -> Properties... menu item and choose the Users tab.

To add new database user press Add... button.
To edit a user properties choose required user in the list and press Edit... button.
To delete a user choose required user in the list and press Delete button.

To use network authentication for database users, activate Use NT authentication parameter in the user properties. Enter user name or group of users of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 in the Domain\UserName form. If you select a group, all users that belong to it will have access to that database. If NT authentication is used, user password will be checked by the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system. To select user or group, press Browse... button. You can select multiple users or groups.
If you select Automatically logon current Windows user check box, then, right after the database is opened, the program will logon the current Windows user, if possible.

NOTE: You can not revoke a user's right if this right is granted to Default user. You must revoke this right from Default user first.

If you select Require user logon after database was opened check box the user logon dialog will appear immediately after database password request. The database will not be opened unless you logon as user.